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Random Monday musings...

Time for the Monday catch-all segment...

-- The United States of America wins the Gold Cup on Sunday.  Now with this being a World Cup preparation year, all the teams sent basically their "B: level squads, but I saw something with the U.S. team Sunday.  I have seen it all tournament long-- the U-S is maturing as a soccer team and nation.  I saw a possession-based team taking shape under Jurgen Klinsmann.  Now it doesn't necessarily mean that will transfer over against better soccer nations, but 11 straignt national wins is still nothing to sneeze at.  The U-S is showing great maturity-- and let's hope its transfers over when the games start really counting again.  The first one is September sixth against a ticked-off Costa Rica team, with the next in Columbus against Mexico.  The USA is still in a great position to qualify for the World Cup-- but finishing it off against two other teams probably heading to Mexico themselves would help a lot...

--  The Hall of Fame elected three dead people to Cooperstown-- the most noted of which is Col. Jacob Ruppert.  Ruppert was the owner of the 1920's and 1930's Yankees teams featuring Babe Ruth.  This is the first year since 1965 that no living members were selected to the Hall of Fame.  The steroid era has decimated the Hall of Fame pool-- but eventually Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens will get in.  The two biggest names of the steroid era proved their worth before PED's-- especially Bonds.  Bonds gets in on the strength of his career with the Pittsburgh Pirates, before steroids inflated his career numbers while a member of the San Francisco Giants.  Bonds' godfather was Willie Mays, and while with the Pirates, bonds played like Mays 2.0.  He gets in on that performance alone.  As for Clemens, his talent was not enhanced as much-- in my oppinion-- by the enhancers.  He was a great despite them.  Those two belong in-- the others... not so much...

--   Ryan Newman broght the Brickyard title back home again to Indiana.  But has the Brickyard become just another race?  I have leard a lot of opinions saying place the Brickyard as Race #1 of the Chase, and run it under the lights.  All I can say is-- agreed on both counts.  I am totally for both ideas.

--   Finally, a legend recaptures his lost youth at Muirfield.  Not Tiger Woods-- but Phil Mickelson.  Good to see Lefty returning to the top of his game.  Woods?  We are still waiting.  But mark my words-- it WILL happen for Tiger.  He will take at least 2 more majors-- and would it be poetic justice if he reached exactly 18, the same number as Jack Nicklaus?  For a long time, I have said the two men, in talent and in a few other ways, are equals.  I think they should have the same talent level, and belong on the same pedestal.  That is a step up for me-- I never considered Tiger as Jack's equal before this... but I have come around some.

                                                     That's my take-- I'm Tom Lee.

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07/29/2013 8:02AM
Random Monday musings...
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