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Pushed the Wrong Button

I used to be pretty hip when it came to new technology - not so much any more.  While I was a killer with a bag phone - remember those - cost a fortune and weighed about as much as a small child, but you could call from your car if you could get a signal, I'm now pretty much out of the technology loop now.

Texting?  Can do it if the person sends me a text first so all I have to do is respond.

Tweeting?  Can't even do a Wolf Whistle much less tweet.

4-Square?  Oh that's not even relevant anymore?  Sorry...
Facebook?  I'm there, but sometimes press the wrong choice and "like" something I don't REALLY like and then the Facebook computer tells EVERYONE it thinks is like me ("Out of Touch" would be my Facebook computer category) that I "Like" that mistaken click.  So if you ever get a Facebook post that I "Like" something, it's probably just an ad.  And for my newly "friended" person in Peru - sorry I was just trying to log out.  I'm sure you are really nice, but I'm not your friend and really can't - and won't - be able to comment on your life.

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12/11/2012 6:19AM
Pushed the Wrong Button
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