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Public Events - Your prospects/customers come to you!

Today we have our annual Farm Profit Preview.  It is a FABULOUS event. 

Why should you consider events like  this? 

1) How often do you have hundreds of new potential customers come to your location?

2) Events draw prospects that are interested in your type  of service or product - They come to you!
3) Events are mass are included.
4) You have an opportunity to speak directly potential customers on an individual basis.(An active audience)
5) Your marketing is not intrusive to prospects....THEY CAME TO YOU!
6) You leave with a large list of  potential customers....your sales people will love the "warm leads"
7) Events are work; however, they are FUN! 
8) You make sales to NEW customers.
10) Your cost per quality lead is much less than other traditional marketing....Events  are attended by people that are interested in your type of business!

TIPS for you and your booth or space:

1)  Present your space nice and neat.
2)  Interact with the people that attend.
3)  Have something for everyone to take away (even if it is a card with a peice of candy attached.)
4) Stand up...if possible in front of your space so you can really engage with prospects.
5) Bring something that people can "win" - If prospects register - you have their name and number.
6) Network with the other vendors.
7) Send your most outgoing and presentable employees
8) Shake lots of hands!
9) Remember to "work the audience" and be memorable!
10) Have fun!  The best results come from the booths that have the most fun!
11) Have a super offer that creates urgency!  Possibly a "show deal".
12) Get there early and stay late....prospects want to know that you work hard for their business!

I beleive that events are a fabulous way to gain new business! 

Our next event is the Wabash Valley Bridal Show Case.  It is Janaury 19th in Vincennes.  It will draw people from 100 miles plus.  Typically we have 250 brides and many more attendees.  For more information contact me at 812-890-4695   :) Shanon


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01/07/2014 9:27AM
Public Events - Your prospects/customers come to you!
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