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Preseason Week 4...what's the use?

     ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike called this "the worst week to be a NFL football fan."  And you know what, they are right.  This is Week 4 of preseason-- better known as "60 Minutes of Fame for special teams players."  In recent years, coaches have got smart about using-- or not using-- their top and even middle players, so they won't be hurt for next week's Week One-- when the games count. 
      Is there any purpose behind Week 4 of the preseason?  In some cases, maybe-- if you have a figure out the 52nd or 53rd player, and who will be cut as player 54 or 55-- or your have a last minute depth issue for your team.  But seriously... how many people will want to watch that this weekend? 
      My idea is a radical one.  Make it a 3 week preseason, so you can evaluate talent in those games and get a good dress rehearsal in.  After that, give the teams a week between preseason Week 3 and regular season Week 1.  it will allow players to recover from training camp, give them two weeks to prepare for their first opponent, and spare fans the indignity of seeing that battle between player 53 who holds the spot, and player 54 who gets cut.  Finally, it gives college football its own spotlight for its opening weekend. 
      As for an 18-week season concept... jury is still out.  Good for the fans-- but with today's football and the unbelievable risk for injury, it may not be worth it.  My question is...did the same issues come up when they expanded from 14 to 16 games in the 1970's?

                                                    That's my take...I'm Tom Lee.

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08/29/2013 7:57AM
Preseason Week 4...what's the use?
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