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Phil's the Bill

Took a variance requerst to the Vincennes City Inspector's Office yesterday and got the "Phil Treatment".  Phil is Phil Cooper, the former fireman and now City Inspector.  Phil and I are not even Face Book Friends, but his ttreatment of a tax payer was as good as if we graduated from Lincoln the same year.  I didn't go to LHS and have no idea if Phil did either.  In fact, virtually every person I've dealt with in the current city administration is friendly and professional.  That hasn't always been the case.

Around town many people refer to city employees by their first names.  There's the above listed Phil.  Dusty, Gordon, Liz, Dan, Dave, and of course Joe - to name a few.  Not too many Misters or Misses down at City Hall right now and that, at least to me, is a good thing.

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10/24/2013 6:09AM
Phil's the Bill
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