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Parents Arrested for Leaving Baby in Wal-Mart Parking Lot

Lawrenceville, Illinois Police arrested a Vincennes couple early Tuesday morning for leaving their infant son in a shopping cart in the Lawrenceville Wal-Mart’s parking lot.

A Wal-Mart employee who heard the child crying found the child around 4:00 AM.

The infant had been left in the cart about one-hour earlier.

22-year-old Jarrad Armour and 20-year-old Andrea Armour of Vincennes are facing preliminary charges of Child Endangerment, Possession of Methamphetamine, Obstructing Justice and numerous other felony charges.

Police say the Armours later went to the Lawrenceville Police Department and reported the baby was abducted from their vehicle. 

However, video surveillance showed the Wal-Mart Associate found the baby.

A search of their vehicle turned up meth and a loaded 9mm handgun.

The infant was taken into protective custody by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.