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One Last Pitch for Thanksgiving

We're now less than two weeks away from Thanksgiving and I feel like I need to make one more pitch to save the holiday.  It has nothing to do with Black Friday, Small business Saturday, Pre-Black Friday, Early Bird Sales, or even Super Lay Away.  It has to do with the FaceBook "Thanks" lists that are populating the electronic gossip page.  For the disconnected here's how the not so connected thinks it works:  Someone, somewhere and I'm betting on a FaceBook employee posts a number of things they are thankful for, then one of their electronic friends likes it, and then the first person tells them how many things they are to be thankful for and on and on - wait that's another annoying FaceBook thing about what you don't know about one of your electronic friends that you don't really know anyway.  Oh, it's listing new things you are thankful for each day of November.

That doesn't count.  Tell the people that are really affected by you what you are thankful for and do it in person.  Don't hide behind a computer screen or a smart phone.  Put the phone down and look to your left, you're probably sitting right next to her.  No!  Don't text her you feelings of thanks.  Tell her.  I know it's old fashioned, but try it you might like it.  She will.

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11/15/2013 6:26AM
One Last Pitch for Thanksgiving
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