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OK So I Celebrate a Little Bit

Yesterday I reported I don't do much celebration of the LHS Homecoming.  Not a Vincennes grad, not very social, if you want to read the report just look below.

But I did forget about the one thing I do generally take care of during LHS Homecoming.  I order the most loaded local pizza I can think of, no matter what kind of diet I am on at that time each year, and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner from that large circle of goodness.

There are few places in the country that can claim so many good non-chain pizza houses as Vincennes, but as a smart Vincennes resident, I order mine on Thursday because if I don't the wait on Friday and Saturday will be too long - way too long.

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10/04/2013 6:21AM
OK So I Celebrate a Little Bit
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