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OK - Let's Crank Up the Discussions

City and County government and local organizations have been virtually silent for a month and a half and I'm getting nervous.  Even the State Legislature is behind due to the weather.  So what does a community watcher do during this extended down time?

There are those files to get organized, the basement to clean, the car to get serviced, the muffin top (and worse) to tighten up, the relationships to strengthen.  Wow those sound way too hard right now.  The weather is cold, the sun seems like it barely appears before lunch, and my thumb is cracked due to the dry conditions.

Farm Profit Preview is this afternoon and early evening at Vincennes Tractor and the Vincennes Historic Review Board is set to meet tonight.  The farm show is always a good time to connect with folks and while there's nothing big on the agenda, the Historic Review Board might be a good start to the 2014 Government Watching Season.

I feel better already!  Today will be a good - no GREAT day.

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01/07/2014 4:45AM
OK - Let's Crank Up the Discussions
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