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Now We Know Why

Someone asked me one time why there were Three Readings (votes) required to pass a city ordinance.  I didn't have a real answer only an opinion - like most things.  Last meeting of the Vincennes City Council we saw why council members must vote three times to pass a new ordinance (local law).

Councilman Pat Clark made a passionate speech against privatizing trash collection in the city, then voted "Yes" on the ordinance up for first reading.  The ordinance to have a commercial hauler operate trash collection in the city passed on first reading.  That wasn't what Clark wanted, but his vote made it 4 to three for the change.  A simple mistake.  We all make them.  Mr. Clark says he won't vote that way tonight when the ordinance is brought up for a second vote.  It will most likely be a 4 to 3 vote to keep hauling trash with city employees.  There WILL be an extra fee for trash collection - that wasn't up for vote.  That comes later.

So now we have a good example of why there are three readings for a new ordinance.

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07/08/2013 6:18AM
Now We Know Why
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