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Now Is The Time

Now is a great time to consolidate the three public school districts in Knox County.  Please finish reading this BEFORE you send the hate mail.  Knox County's school age population is dropping, there is more pressure than ever before to perform better with less money, and there are two really big openings right now in the county.  With the retirements of South Knox Superintendent Brad Case and Vincennes Superintendent Tom Nonte, two of the corporations need new leaders and finding good leaders to come to Knox County, while not impossible will prove difficult.  If nothing is changed except combing the administration efforts of the three public school corporations Knox County would have hundreds of thousands of dollars to either give back to the community or (Hopefully) spend on children who if properly educated will give back to our community a thousand fold.

The excuses not to even study consolidation are just that - Excuses.  Excuses thrown out there by people who are more interested in what color shirt to wear on Friday night or that their way is the best way.  Let's take all the different "best ways" and work together to make Knox County a better place to live and work, for we cannot survive much longer with the system the way it is right now.

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03/06/2012 6:17PM
Now Is The Time
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