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Now I Know

I attend a number of community meetings per month.  Some I am a member of, but most are community groups I cover for our news effort here at and for Original Company Radio Stations.  Most are in the evening and many drag on through my bed time and frankly sometimes they are a chore.  Last night the Vincennes Community School Board met at Franklin Elementary and it was my job to cover it.  Nothing out of the ordinary, except the location.  It was nice to see the members of the board poking around the building each led by a couple of third grade students.  Who liked the process more?  The board members or the kids?  You couldn't tell.  There was a lot of multi-generational pride and rightly so. 

That community meeting was not a chore AND it didn't drag on so I got a chance to watch a bit of television last night and chose a program I had never seen - Two Broke Girls on CBS.  Please Mr. Parsley and any organization that might hold a Monday evening meeting that I have to cover, keep the meeting going until Two Broke Girls is over.  And to CBS?  Cancel it.  Really.  Cancel it now.  It is an embarrassment to us all.

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01/21/2014 5:14AM
Now I Know
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