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Nov. 17th Southern Indiana Storm Damage
Nov. 17th 2013 Storm Damage
Knox Co 3
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Knox Co. 2

Knox Co. 1

Knox Co 3

South of Vincennes on 6th St Rd.

6th St Rd looking toward Decker

Power Pole snap in Washington In.

View of damage in Washington In.

Hudson Office in Washington In.

Southern Knox Co. damage

Eastside of Washington In.

Hwy 50 in Washington In.

Power pole down South of REMC Knox Co.

More Southern Knox Co.

Nov. 17th 2013 Tornado in Knox County In.

Tornado in So. Knox Co. on Nov. 17th 2013

Storm damage in So. Knox Co.

Southern Knox Co. Storm Damage 3

Knox Co. Storm Damage 2

Building damage in So. Knox Co.

Knox Co. road blocked

Knox Co. Storm Damage 1