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Nothing Like Good Trash Talking

It just doesn't go away.  Trash.  The Vincennes Board of Works now has One Thousand more of those big trash totes to distribute to city addresses.  There's no real record of where the other 4,000 totes are.  Mayor Joe Yochum is quoated as saying there are 2,750 pickup sites in the city.  If that is accurate each pickup site has almost two of those big dumpsters.  It's probably not an accurate number, but what is accurate is that the city has no system of keeping track of over $80,000 in totes. 

For those of us that missed all the Trash Talking the past few weeks, it's back and just like trash itself will keep piling up just like the bags the one armed bandit picks up in the wee hours of the morning around town.  Oh?  They don't use the automated system every week in your neighborhood?  That's not what was promised, but sometimes promises seem hard to keep when it comes to government.

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11/13/2013 5:10AM
Nothing Like Good Trash Talking
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