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Not Really Over Yet

Seems like much of our area is getting back to normal following Sunday's tornado.  Curfews are lifted. The electric companies report that power is available.  Large volunteer group coordination and shelters are wrapping up their schedules.  But are we really back to normal?  Maybe as the larger community.  Schools are back on a regular schedule, even trash is being collected under the regular schedule after today in Washington.

But for those personally affected, the event is far from over.  Jobs have been lost or at least delayed.  Insurance payments don't generally cover everything.  And some didn't have insurance at all.  And the next time severe weather is predicted?  That will be a tough time for those directly affected by last Sunday's storm. 

Let's keep the help coming.  We're not back to normal yet even if it's starting to look that way.

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11/22/2013 6:18AM
Not Really Over Yet
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