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Nice Work Kids

The South Knox Boys Cross Country Team made a positive impact on the State Meet this past Saturday and the Vincennes Lincoln Pride of the Green did the same at the State Marching Band Finals.  Two different activities.  One result.  There are a lot of things we all had to do in school that were at best building blocks for our adult life.  Some activities stay for life.  What about Cross Country?  There are teams in Cross Country competition, but it is really an individual activity.  Kids turn into teens who turn into young adults, and age into full blown adults and beyond - and they can still run.  It is a life long individual activity - a way to not only build and keep your physical prowess, but to clear your mind from the pressures of life.

What about marching band?  Not many high school band members continue through life marching on a football field with 100 other adults, but marching band IS more than a simply school activity.  Most adults have to work closely over long periods of time with a large number of people.  Most successful adults are effective team members and/or leaders and that is what makes marching band a life long positive activity.  And besides, when those trumpets come out of their cases for Reformation Sunday at church, the bandy in many of us comes out again.

Nice work kids.  You did yourself proud and all those hours of practice will pay off for your whole life.

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11/04/2013 6:23AM
Nice Work Kids
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