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New Stores - New Challenges

Filling the Vincennes Plaza has been a real challenge, but the move of Rent One down the plaza and the addition of Dunham Sports to a large section of the building is a big step.  Most communities have a number of relatively empty strip malls and Vincennes is no exception and when space is filled with a potentially strong business, there is cause for celebration.

It would be nice if the new store was locally owned.  It would be nice if the Plaza was locally owned.  Neither is the case, but that's also part of the new normal economy in which we are living.  Economies of scale and regional retail are the norm not the exception.  There probably won't be too many local owners starting a new store that size.  There just won't be.  What we can hope for is that the new store will be involved in our community and pay a living wage to its employees.

Are there businesses based in Vincennes who fit the regional economic model?  There are some.  In fact, this blog is on an Original Company web site.  Based in Vincennes, The Original Company has operations in half a dozen other communities in Southern Indiana and Southern Illinois.  We're surely not as large as the sports folks coming to the plaza, but we are one example of a regional business.

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09/26/2013 6:24AM
New Stores - New Challenges
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