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My thanks to all

     A Tracy Lawrence country song in the early 2000's stated when you are in dire need, "you find out who your friends are."  I listened to that song and thought that that was a nice sentiment.  However, right now, I know better.  Following the accidental drowning of my son Luke, and the passing of my father less than a week later, I know the sentiment is absolutely true.  Over the last two weeks, I really have found out who my friends are-- and that they are many and numerous.
     First, I want to thank my Lord.  Sometimes God has reasons that we don't understand for the timing of events, and why they happen.  In this trying time, I am not sure of those, but maybe one day it will become clearer.  It doesn't shake my faith, but as a human being, sometimes you have to wonder.  Wondering is fine-- but not at the expense of faith that God has his reasons.
      Second, I want to thank my co-workers at the Original Company.  Several took off work on a Friday to come to Luke's memorial service.  Words can't describe my deep gratitude for that simple show of solidarity.  I love my TOC family.  
        Third, my thanks to the North Knox community.  I came back for last Friday's football scrimmage, and they passed the hat for Luke.  The money that was raised was forwarded to purchase a gravestone for Luke in Louisville's Evergreen Cemetary.  
         Finally, my thanks to two very special people in my life.  My mother-- who was grieving the loss of her own husband, and still was able to help me with my two losses.  The other is my long term girlfriend, Adrienne Henning.  She came up from her home in southwest Kentucky to help me and my mother for around a week following my dual losses.  I love you babe-- that was one of the most unselfish acts I have seen in a long time.
          I will get back to sports-- and what may be a great football year-- tomorrow.  Today, it is about my gratitude to all.  The bills for Luke are still there-- and any financial assistance anyone can be is still greatly appreciated.  But for all everyone has done so far-- my deepest gratitude.  I may not be able to repay the money for Luke's expenses, but I can repay the sentiments with "thank you's."  This area is an unelievably giving area-- and now I am firsthand proof.  Thank you for that, Knox County.

                                                                  That's my take... I'm Tom Lee. 

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08/19/2013 7:31AM
My thanks to all
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