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Must Have Missed It...

It seems that some folks on the Knox County Council were surprised that River Bluff Road was paved recently.  At least that's what the 4,822 paid subscribers were told.  Just a couple of points:  The paid number comes from the Statement of Ownership and Management dated 10/01/13.  The surpised County Council members were quoated in the 10/20/13 edition of the Vincennes Sun Commercial.  Maybe they need to listen to the radio and read our website a bit more.  That deal was reported quite a while ago...

Now the deal.  100% of the people who own property on River Bluff Road north of Vincennes asked the County Commissioners to accept their private road into the county's road inventory.  That is a process that can be requested of the Commissioners at any time and if acceppted the road then becomes the county's to maintain.  The River Bluff folks sweetened the pot by paying something like $17,000 of their money to pay for the materials to repave the road as part of the deal and one property owner donated an acre and a half of his property next to the county Highway Department to the county for its use.  The County Commissioners directed the highway department to do the paving and accepted the property.  Sounds like good management of limited resources to me.  when is the last time a neighborhood gave $17 Thousand dollars to the county?  When is the last time a property owner gave land so a county department can expand if necessary?  Not often for sure.

If the printed report is accurate that some County Council members are upset, the reaction of the community ought to be "get over it."  If the River Bluff people would have come to the County Council with the proposal, it would have been hearlded positively.  They didn't.  The River Bluff folks went to the Commissioners which is where they should have gone and made the proposal.

The Commissioners are mandated to manage the county with whatever the money the County Council appropriates.  The Commissioners managed the county effectlvely when they accepted the proposal.

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10/20/2013 1:08PM
Must Have Missed It...
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