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More on the Wheel Tax

You've got to give it to Larry Holscher.  He believes the wheel tax will help Knox County and is willing to fight for it.  You've got to give it to the municipalities.  They are willing to listen to any option to get their roads fixed.  You've got to give it to folks like Elizabeth Ellis who point out that what is a small price to pay for better roads and bridges may be the straw that breaks the camels back of the working poor or folks on fixed incomes.

At least we are calling the Wheel Tax what it is - a TAX.  It's not a fee.  It's a tax.  It's not a budget augmentation.  It's a tax.  Here in our community we may not agree about the proposal, but we agree on what to call it - a Tax.

If I were a betting man - and I'm not, I would bet my lunch money - which I don't get, that the Wheel Tax won't pass.  And if it does pass, I bet many of the supporters will be voted out of office next time.

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06/20/2013 6:18AM
More on the Wheel Tax
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