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More Than Just The Executive Inn Building

The City of Vincennes is awaiting bids to tear down the Executive Inn.  Hopefully there will be no more foolish legal moves by the owners and the project will get done.

But that's not the end of it.  Look around town and you'll see building after building that needs to go.  The City Inspector's Office has asked for support of City Council in removing dangerous buildings.  Keep at it folks.  Every month there are more that need to be condemned.

Let's focus next on the old "Northside Pharmacy" building on Washington Avenue at the railroad tracks.  Add to it the former office supply building next to it.  The first building has been in terrible condition for years, windows are out and dangerously leaning toward the sidewalk.  The sounds of birds and various other animals in the structure bring to mind any rat infestation movie scene you can remember.  And now the office supply building has lost its roof -collapsed under the weight of ice and snow.
The other three buildings on the block are well maintained and the clearing of the two listed above would only help the neighborhood.

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01/03/2013 6:21AM
More Than Just The Executive Inn Building
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