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More Taxes

Tax Rates, Tax Levys, Tax Impact, Edit, Coit, CCD, its all greek to me.  The Vincennes City Council has voted to raise taxes by no more than ten dollars per year per homeowner.  It's the CCD tax and I can remember exactly what it stands for, but council members say the money raised will be used to repair city streets.

If that's where the money is going to go, I will forego those ten large soft drinks over the period of a year and hope for two things:  Our roads will (slowly) get better and my waist will (slowly) get smaller - or at least not get fatter.  VIncennes City taxes have increased a lot this year with the (needed) addition of a tax for the new pool and now this.  City leaders need to be careful to not keep nickle and diming us with taxes that "just cost a little per year".  It does add up - kind of like those large soft drinks affecting my waist.  It's not just one of the drinks, it's the series of "just one" of those drinks that has done me in.

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07/30/2013 6:19AM
More Taxes
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