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Moore and the athletes

     Oklahoma has tornadoes.  Occasionally, they have devastating ones.  it is just a fact of life-- if you live in Oklahoma, you could be subject to seeing, or being affected by, a twister now and then.  But I say this-- there are tornadoes, and then there is what happened in Moore, Oklahoma.
      Moore is a southern suburb of Oklahoma City.  Yesterday afternoon, a devastating F-5 scale tornado leveled a large part of Moore.  At this time, 51 are dead-- including several children at a Moore elemenary school-- and hundreds are injured.  Thousands have lost their homes and everything they have.
       However, this isn't the first time Moore has been in the Tornado Alley crosshairs.  14 years ago-- in May of 1999-- the most violent tornado ever hit... you guessed it... Moore, Oklahoma.  Wind speed of that twister was 318 miles per hour-- and this one may have been its equal. 
       I say all that to say this-- several Oklahoma City sports stars are teaming up to help.  The Oklahoma City Thunder players are doing their part.  Oklahoma City alumni-- including Wes Welker and Matt Kemp-- have pitched in.  Another famous name-- Country music star Toby Keith-- grew up in Moore; he was also a semi-pro football player before making it big as an entertainer.  All these stars-- and more-- are remembering Moore in their thoughts and prayers.  As are we.  My heart goes out to the families-- and especially families with children-- devastated in the Moore tornado.  Many around OKC remember a similar incident with children-- not the 1999 twister, but the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building.  Many children were innocent victims in that tragedy as well.
        Oklahoma knows tornadies.  Moore knows them too well.  Things will get back to normal in Moore-- eventualy-- but they will never be the same.

                                                That's my take... I'm Tom Lee.

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05/21/2013 7:51AM
Moore and the athletes
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