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Monday's random thoughts...

-- The top 4 teams are in the NFL Final Four. Denver, New England, San Francisco, and Seattle were the best teams in the NFL, and are in the championship games. The NFL has got it (mainly) right this season, and it continues this postseason.

-- Two reasons for a cold-weather Super Bowl. 1. It is another part of New York's 9/11 recovery; and... 2. They are trying for a NHL Winter Classic-style setting. But will the elements make for a bad-weather Super Bowl? Well, the Polar Express has come and gone, and hopefully so has the worst of winter weather.

-- Vincennes University is 14-1... but where is the buzz? I feel the Blazers ar to Vincennes as the Pacers are to Indiana... noticed only when the posteason comes around. Indiana is a high-school and Big 10 college basketball state (with the exception of Butler in recent years), and southwest Indiana is a high school basketball area. V-U has had multitudes of success, and continues it this year, but it gets swallowed in the tide of other basketball. It's unfortunate, but it's just a fact of life-- right now...

-- Tennis? Already?? We just dropped the watermelons! Now the Aussie Open is happening? Am I the only one who feels this tournament is always a month too early... especially with the next tennis major (the French Open) held in May or June?

-- If professional golf didn't have Tiger Woods, they would have to invent him. The style, the charisma, the insulated demeanor... and a person of color breaking barriers. Rich, unbelievably talented, and flawed-- despite his public image. He was-- and is-- also needed. You can have your Mickelsons and McIlroys...your Zachs and golf course hacks... this sport needs Tiger to keep it from total obscurity. (By the way, I still think Tiger is only equal at best with Jack Nicklaus. As much as Jack wants Tiger to surpass him, I just don't thing it is happening now.)

-- On a similar vein, horse racing needs-- no, let me capitalize that, NEEDS-- a Triple Crown winner. The best shot was Big Brown a few years ago-- but now, with the difference in horse breeding and training, I am not sure it will ever happen. If it does, I want a great story with it-- on the lines of a Smarty Jones. In other words, a low-budget horse beating the big guys-- in other words, a Butler story. Smarty Jones almost did it by the way-- but there's that word... almost. Affirmed did it in 1978...ending a string of 3 Triple Crowns in 6 years (1973, 1977, 1978). That Belmont virtual match race with Alydar in 1978 was still the best horse race ever-- and left a large impact on an 11 year-old horse racing fan-- me. However, before Secretariat wowed the world in 1973, the last Triple was 26 years before-- when Citation won it in 1947. It ias been 35 years-plus since Affirmed-- and counting...

-- The recent Winter Classic was played in less than ideal condtions. Snow made it tough to move the puck, and kept the score down-- and made for great television. A snow globe setting for outdoor hockey, in front of over 100-thousand fans at Michigan's Big House. Even the players-- despite the bad ice-- loved it. To top it off, Detroit played Toronto-- two Original Six NHL teams. Other outdoor games are coming, but there is always room for the Winter Classic. Now, bring the thing to Busch Stadium in St. Louis...

-- Subway likes to call this "Janu-Any" for its sub sale. If you are a high school basketball fan, this is Janu-Any-- you can see any high school basketball game, practically ANY time during the month. Thank the weather for that one...

That's my take...I'm Tom Lee.

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01/14/2014 12:32PM
Monday's random thoughts...
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01/14/2014 7:47PM
Doug Carroll
Annnnnnnnd now here's your BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Go Trailblazers and of course the DUGger Bulldogs.
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