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Might Use What You Already Have

Recently I had to take care of the required registration Indiana State Registration of the company that owns this web site.  You do it online at the Secretary of State's web site.  It takes less than two minutes and costs seven dollars - they take credit cards too.  Easy, fast, cheap, and from the government.  Kind of unique.  You sign off on the little online form with your email.  Easy, fast, cheap, SIMPLE, and from the government.

Yesterday I got a letter - paper, postage, the whole old fashioned letter experience from the - yep - Indiana Secretary of State telling me this would be my last letter - paper, postage, the old fashioned letter experience from the Indiana Secretary of State and that I needed to register for email communications to come in the future.

Wait.  Didn't I just give them my email address?  Didn't they already HAVE my email address?  They did, but...  It gets better.

Not only did I have to register my email on a email they already have - I had to call them on the telephone to register my email that they already have that could have been done on my email they already have.

Of course you know the rest of the story...  Busy - I must not be the only business they sent the letters to.  Ring Ring Ring - thennnn the hated phone tree another wait and to add insult to injury - the world's worst - I mean WORST - must ever.  Why not have Gomer Pyle sing Back Home Again in Indiana on the Indiana State Web Site?

When a real person - Vicky - got on the line she - I kid you not took my information down by hand for input into their system later.
And I thought the Indiana Secretary of State's office was better than the average government office...  At least I didn't have to go to "MyBMV" web site...

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03/06/2013 6:22AM
Might Use What You Already Have
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