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July 2011 Mugshots
Mugshots of people booked at the Crawford County Jail. All people arrested are innocent until proven guilty.
Megan Duvall
Photo 18 of 37
Failure to appear - DWLS, Coles County warrant for theft

Matthew Claxton

Daniel Robinson

Thomas Rice

Miguel Ayala-Salazar

Dino Carter

Samantha Christy

William Plew

Christopher Moore

Charles White

Jeffrey Otte

Leslie Hightshoe

John Hobson

Ronald Kissel

Mary Schalasky

Allen Bray

Christopher St Charles

Paul Benton

Megan Duvall

Kelly Spade

Steve Ruffner

Margaret Campbell

William Raymer

Shaun Kleinschmidt

Brandee Green

Charles Potter

Jude Guerin

Steven Cage

April Neathery

Debra Clark

Joshua Mullins

Joshua Tracy

April Richardson

Paul Garrard

Thomas Cravens

Brice Stevens

Rodney Cook

Jordan Carrell