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Ravings of a Mass Media Madman

Ravings of a Mass Media Madman

Mass Media Musings: A Heaping Helping of News Tpoic Goulash

Note: The following blog entry is the original work of the author and in no way reflects the opinions and views of The Original Company.

A lot of stuff has been going on in the news the last few days and there’s so much to write about it’s overwhelming. It’s hard to stick to one topic when so much is going on that would make interesting op-ed subjects. So instead of just sticking to one, here’s a delicious goulash of musings from the last few days…
  • The world has gone green crazy. Everywhere you look it’s energy efficient this and green solutions that. One could argue this is a big marketing campaign designed to have people buy more expensive versions of things they already have. The green movement for me is largely exhausting and less than feasible for the common man.
             However, it’s nice to see that Good Samaritan Hospital is on the bandwagon and trying to save a little money. That can only end well for the residents of Knox and surrounding counties. The more money they save, the more money they have available for hiring physicians and that’s a good thing. If they can improve healthcare and reduce costs at the same time, go for it. Huzzah to Good Sam.
  • The people of Freelandville are getting the shaft. Knox County Survey Dick Vermilion has been trying to get the Postal Service in Indianapolis to understand Emergency Services are walking a slippery slope because of the physical address fiasco. Read the story here:
             Vermilion said Postal Service Official Sharon D. Blinks used the excuse “This is happening all over the Country.” Well if that’s the case then it’s time they listen to local people and fix the problem. Get off your unionized high horse and listen to the people whose lives you’re endangering. It’s only a matter of time before emergency personnel get called to Edwardsport when they are supposed to be in Freelandville and someone dies. When that happens someone should be held criminally responsible; and it shouldn’t be anyone local.
  • It’s nice to see school districts across the country taking student safety so seriously. It’s a darn shame it’s in the wake of a tragedy like Sandy Hook. But still, better late than never, right? Kudos to the Knox County Sheriff’s Department and Vincennes City Police for finding funding whether grants or otherwise for putting School Resource Officers in our Schools. I like the idea of having an armed guard at every school in the county. It will make some idiot think twice before trying to kill some innocent kids.
             Although, It’s getting old, and frankly, annoying that our leaders are using this as political leverage to infringe on our second amendment rights. Maybe we should look to parents to teach their children about the value of human life before we try to ban guns. By the way, tell us how that gun ban worked out for the people of Chicago. *Cough* highest gun violence statistics in the country *cough*
  • This last one is not local, but it’s interesting. As a disclaimer, I would just like to say; this in no way represents my feelings about same-sex marriage or homosexual people in general. It’s just an observation about our government leadership.
             The Olympic delegates for Sochi include 2 gay athletes. The speculation around the blogosphere is that the president is sending a message to Russian leadership about the country’s treatment of homosexuals; which is bad. Russian law says gay people aren’t even allowed to be open about being gay. It goes as far as to prohibit “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations.”
             Also, for the first time since the 2000 Sydney Games, the President, First Lady nor Vice President will be attending the games. Some see it as a strong message to the Russian government. I see it as poking a sleeping dragon in the eye. It’s probably wise of our top leaders not to make the trip.

Jason Tiller is a news reporter for The Original Company. If you don't hear from him in a few days after reading this, It's probably nothing and you have no reason to believe it might be something.  Have a nice day.

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12/18/2013 1:50PM
Mass Media Musings: A Heaping Helping of News Tpoic Goulash
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