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Made It through the Weekend-How About You?

Was lucky to get a really long weekend - Wednesday through Sunday and made it through the last minute indoor painting and cleaning, leaf mulching, gutter cleaning, kids and grandkids over, under, around, and everywhere.  Watched as the Thanksgiving dinner was prepared, helped eat it - even if there wasn't gravy - something my daughter orchestrated.  Watched some football and held some toddlers as we all napped.  Missed the whole shopping maddness, but have always missed so there can be no adverse impact on the economy and there are family members who pick up the slack from the shopping slacker.

Took the trip around Gregg Park and saw some tasteful and pretty decorations.  Took the trip to Wabash Trails (never could spell it the Native American way) and saw even more.  Got stopped in Bicknell last night as they closed State Road 67 to light their park lights and get Santa Claus in on a fire engine.  But the best lights?  The single strand of Lange Lights on the front of the house.  Our lights don't match those of our cities or our neighbors, are old school big bulbs with a random mix of colors, and use too much energy which Duke Energy is thankful for this holiday season, but they are ours.  And for all of the above there's plenty of "Thanks".

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11/28/2011 4:57AM
Made It through the Weekend-How About You?
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