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Time for you to join be on another mind wandering trip on my riding mower.

Mowing, what a way to ruin a beautiful day.
This is the third time in a row I have to use the car to jump start my mower.  I wonder if I could use a new battery for the mower?
All those frogs that were jumping around the yard last time I mowed have take up residence in the standing water on my pool cover.  I can see their beady little eyes watching me..
For some reason I keep humming Frankie Vali's song "My eyes adored you" while I am mowing.  What's that all about ?
A "Hard Core Pawn" marathon is on tonight,  I will be tuned in.  Please note that is pawn and not porn.
I've noticed birds have built nests under the eaves of the house.  How come the birds that alway do that are those ugly black ones and not something cool like a Bald eagle?
I can't remember the last time I washed my car.  It"s suppose to be white but it is starting to look gray.
The Indiana Department of Natural Resources announced today that pictures of a bull shark in the Wabash posted on the internet are a hoax.  I feel safer.
One of these days I really am going to change the blades on this mower.
Well, another day of mowing is done and time for me to go inside and watch reruns of "South Beach Tow"
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I spent this Wednesday out mowing the lawn at the Young estate.  As I have mentioned before two exciting hours on the riding lawn mower always provides me with alot of thoughts and observations, such as...
This is just the third time I have mowed this spring and it is already a pain in the butt.
I think I'll spice things up today and mow the back yard first this time and do the front yard last.  I do know how to live on the edge.
Why was there so much media hype over a pro basketball played announcing he was gay.  Did we all think there were no pro athletes that were gay?
Did Jason Colllins coming out really warrant a call of congratulations from the President of the United States?
Does the President ever have to leave a message on somebody's voice mail?
What's with all these little frogs jumping around in my yard?  Did Moses drop by and put a plague on my yard.'
It appears it has been a productive  time for rabbitts, there sure enough of them running around the yard.
Nothing funnier that watch my big and slow dogs trying to chase down a rabbit.  The rabbit just gets on the other side of the invisible fence and just laughs at them.
Hope  I finish this in time to see some of the Cards and Reds game.
I know one thing I am good at and that's growing dandelions.
It won't be long till we open the pool.  I can hardly wait for another summer of  being the "pool boy".
Another grass mowing has come to an end, but still no curb appeal for this place.
By the way I did finally take the Christmas lights down.  Happy Holidays everybody.
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Hard to believe but we are now into the month of May, one of my all time favorite months after all  May is national barbecue month, national hamburger month, national salad month, national blood pressure month and national older american month, all are things I can really identify with.  In additon to Mother's day, MemoriaL day, my oldest daughter's birthday and my oldest grandaughter's birthday the month also has other big days like the 3rd, is both International tuba day and lumpy rug day,  the fourth is national candied orange peel day and Star Wars day, the fifth of course is Cynco De Mayo and national hogie day., so have a margarita and a hogie on Sunday.  May 6th is no diet day which is every day for me,  the 8th is no socks day, the 11th is eat whatever you want day, I WILL BE CELBRATING THAT DAY,  the 14th is dance like  a chicken day,  the 16th is national sea monkey day, the 18th is no dirty dishes day (never at our house), the 20th is be a millionaire day, the 24th is national escargot day ( pardon me while I puke), and the 25th is national tap dance day.  All that in one month how can you not love the month of May. 
The down side of May the allergies start to kick in and  I get to mow the yard every other day.  You can't have everything I guess, HAPPY MAY EVERYBODY.!
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Rural King.

It was a big night out with the little woman last night as we made a trip to Rural King to get dog food for the poop machines.
I always find Rural King to be an amazing place with all the stuff they have.  Where else can you get a walk behind garden seeder, heck everybody needs one of those.  Are you into camo?  They got it all , I meant to check to see if they have a camouflaged toliet seat, I bet they do.  They have deer corn, although I didn't see any deer buying any.  They have every kind of bird feeder you could want.  They even have squirrel feeders, I am not sure why anyone wants to feed a rat with a bushy tail but some folks do.  They have horse wormer which sounds pretty scary to me.  They carry every kind of tool known to mankind which i find interesting even though I have no idea what to do with them.  Sometimes they have baby chickens and  baby rabbits.  You can't beat a store with its own petting zoo. 
I don't know what the big attraction of Rural King is to me, I don't hunt, don't fish, don't farm, don't garden and my wife will tell you I don't know how to fix anything, but the place still fascinates me.
Maybe its the free popcorn.
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I remember when-itis.

As I continue to approach my golden years (whatever those are) I notice one sign of aging is becoming more and more obvious.  I am not talking about thinning hair, aching joints or having to get up in the middle of the night to pee but something I  call "I remember when-itis".  It seems alot  of my conversations these days begin with "Iremember when.."  you know like I remember when gas was 29 cents a gallon, I remember when the Beatles were a new group, I remember when the milkman delivered the milk to your door,  I remember when my first car cost a whole $100,  I remember when there were two major league baseball all star games each summer, I remember when they had the first earth day.  You get the idea I can go on for hours.
Usually the people who get to hear my 'I remember when-itis" the most are my now adult daughters who  just roll their eyes when I start and politely wai till I'm done..  I have even started  the  I remember whens on my grandaugters.  Their respones is usually "Grandpa be quiet Dora is on TV right now."
Everybody has a little "i remember when-itis" in them but I don't think it really kicks into high gear until  about the time you're 55 or over.
So please be patient when I begin to wax  nostalgic, in another couple of years I won't be able to remember anything any more.
By the way I remember when Al Gore discovered the internet.
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