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One of the highlights of my weekend was mowing my yard, which means two hours or so on the riding lawn mower.  I am always struck my some great thoughts and observations while mowing.  Today I am about to share some of these great  thoughts   from Saturday's mowing.  Hold on here we go....
I wish I was rich so I could pay someone to cut my lawn for me.
Does John Deere make a riding lawn mower with a 20 foot cut?
i am impressed how quickly law entorcement people took care of those S.O.B.'s  in the Boston Marathon bombings.
Maybe it's time to take down the Christmas lights,.
Is there really any grass in this yard?  It looks like all weeds to me.
I will save the weed eating till after I mow.  Who I am kidding I'm not doing it.
My dogs sure do poop alot.
Why did my daughter decide to have her wedding next year on the first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament.  It had to be my wife's idea.
Is their funnier show on TV than Duck Dynasty?
I hope my wife doesn't get mad but I ate the last donut left this morning.
Was broadcasting really a good career choice?
It's official my dogs are the league leaders in poop.
Maybe after four years I should change the blades on this mower.
FINALLY  done, I wonder how much  a herd of goats cost?

Note to neighbors, I was not drunk while I was mowing Saturday I was just trying  to jot down all these great thoughts.


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04/22/2013 11:36AM
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