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Lock Them Up

What is the deal with the Bicknell City Council and the Mayor?  Bicknell government is spending way more money they they are taking in, the infrastructure of the community is getting worse, police cars are parked or running on bare tires, and the Mayor and Council Members are arguing about not how to fix the problems, but how to fix the blame.

They have agreed on one thing:  Borrow money every month to keep going.

The citizens of Bicknell ought to lock the Mayor and Council Members in City Hall until they come out with a workable solution they agree upon that doesn't include spending money they don't have - and won't get.
Then when they get done with that, we should use the template on the Federal Government.  Lock all Members of the House and Senate, and the President in a relatively small room, without assistants, without the perks of office, and without a way out until they fix the same basic problems that Bicknell is facing.

My money's on Bicknell.

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02/13/2013 6:23AM
Lock Them Up
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