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Let's Hear the Plan

Unless I've missed it, citizens of Vincennes have not had a chance to hear about which specific trash collection change plan the City Council will present as an ordinance.  It's hard to know what the trash changes will do for an individual when we don't know what the plan actually is.  And when we finally do hear what the plan may be it actually may be too late to get needed changes that benefit the tax payer included.

The fact that the City "loses" something like $330,000.00 per year in trash collection isn't necessarily wrong.  Cities aren't supposed to make a profit on anything.  How much does police protection "lose" every year?  How much does the city "lose" on fire protection?  I bet there is a "loss" on the budget of the Mayor's Office.

The question is can Vincennes government support the cost of trash collection with its current tax income?  Can something be cut somewhere else?  Does the City Council have to pass on the cost of trash collection because there is absolutely no way to cut the cost of the current system?  Can they adjust the current system to save some of the costs and not charge individuals who already pay for City Government with their taxes?
The answer so far is "No" to all those questions.  It's easy to quantify the cost of trash.  It's really hard to cut spending somewhere else.  A trash fee is not a tax so that won't come back on Council Members when the next election comes around.  And trash - well it's TRASH and nobody wants problems with THAT so keeping it cleaned up will be done with an additional fee.  That's just fact.

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04/02/2013 6:26AM
Let's Hear the Plan
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