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Let's Figure This Thing Out

The Kaiser Foundation reports that 182,000 Indiana Residents won't qualify for subsidised health insurance under the Affordable Health Care Act because they make too much money for Indiana Medicaid and too little money for a Federal Subsidy under the Federal Insurance Exchange that Indiana chose to use.  Wow.  Someone didn't have something figured out when the system was developed to leave that many people out in just Indiana.

I guess it doesn't really matter right now since you have a tough time even getting into the Federal Health Insurance web site much less figure out how to get an application completed and then get it accepted.  Who at the Federal Government didn't think millions of people would come to the web site to check out prices and apply if applicable?

Maybe the government should have contracted the web site to Facebook.  That web site always works and everyone seems to be on it all the time - work or free time - already.  Now THAT would have been thinking out of the box.

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10/18/2013 6:17AM
Let's Figure This Thing Out
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