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Learned Something Already

If you read the last post, you've seen the request for comments to an email address.  No need for that of course since you can comment right under this post.  So I've already learned something today and wonder if that means I can take the rest of the day off.

Have you seen the newly painted yellow curbs along a number of Vincennes Streets?  The process first requires the city to trim the grass and weeds from along the edge of the street, shovel up the dirt and trash, and then sweep the street, followed by the yellow painting of the curbs.

That should keep us from parking where we shouldn't, but it also has another effect.  It shows us just how poorly maintained our streets and curbs are right now.  Three feet of bright yellow paint on curbs, two feet of dirt and weeds growing where curbs have been broken, a couple more feet of bright yellow paint, and four feet of painted weeds and dirt where the workers must have forgotten to turn off the sprayer.

We all know the budget is tight, but do we have to make our lack of maintenance so obvious to everyone - residents, visitors, and folks that might want to move to Vincennes?

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09/19/2011 6:25AM
Learned Something Already
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