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Large Item "Pickup"

The reason Vincennes' Large Item Pickup was so successful in the past was that is was Vincennes' Large Item PICKUP.  Now, the city has decided to place dumpsters around town for a one day collection.  No PICKUP for this town anymore.  Should I have time on Saturday to collect my large items and want to take them to the dumpsters, all I would have to do is borrow my neighbors pickup truck assuming he will lend it.  Then it might work for me - woops won't work.  Like a lot of us in vincennes, Saturday is a work day.  OK so I'm out - no truck and I have to work this Saturday.  What about the elderly.  Many might have the time and inclination.  Some will have pickup trucks.  But most won't have the strength to lift that old couch into the back of that pickup truck - unless of course they use that fruit blender to make smoothies that make them really strong for their age.

I guess the city has to try new things, but at least don't call it "Large Item Pickup".  It's not and what it will be now is not much a service the community has grown to expect.

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11/05/2013 6:17AM
Large Item "Pickup"
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