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Just a Couple of Points

Lots of community meetings last night in Knox County.  Here's my take:

     Vincennes City Council:     Thanks for a vote on first reading.  Now we know where everybody is on the council and we can begin explaining our personal stands on moving toward private trash hauling at a fee.  Remember there are two more votes.

     Knox County Solid Waste Baord:  A quiet board doing a lot of good with a little bit of money.  Thanks for continuing to attempt to collect from illegal dumpers.  Donating money for trash collection efforts is exactly right.  Good work!

     Knox County Parks Board:  My grand father always said:  "Fix the roof before replacing the carpet."  Wet carpet is still wet whether it is new carpet or old.  Listen to what Herb said.

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06/25/2013 6:13AM
Just a Couple of Points
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