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The March 20th Vincennes hearing on a new telephone Area Code could be interesting - if you like to watch paint dry.  We are running out of numbers in the 812 Area Code and need to either divide Southern Indiana into two areas making one get a new Area Code while keeping the 812 Area Code in the other area.  The other option?  Overlaying a new Area Code into Southern Indiana.  What that would mean is everyone with an 812 Area Code now would keep it and new phone numbers would have the new Area Code.  Your neighbor may have a different Area Code as you have.

Why do we care?  Most of us just press a button that dials a "name" programmed in our phone or we just say "Call Home" and the phone is so smart it calls home without us punching any number.  So really an overlayed Area Code would mean almost nothing to most of us.
With all the important things going on, that hearing is probably pretty low on the priority list.  Also, March 20th is a Wednesday and there is probably a great repeat of Pawn Stars on TV that night.

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03/07/2013 6:18AM
Just Overlay It
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