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Just Like the Rest of the Country

It took us a long time to get 4G wireless telephone service.  Took a long time to get broadband internet.  In these parts clothing styles are a bit behind the coasts - except for the whole Duck Dynasty fashion scene.  And population diversity?  Not so much around here.  Until recently someone "different" in Knox County was someone not related somewhere in their family tree to a Cary, Carie, Carrie, Carey - you get the idea...

Now the diversity of the country seems to be creeping into Vincennes.  Lowe's has always had signs in Spanish, and we've got a ton of restaurants, but now teachers are learning conversational Spanish just so they can talk with parents and students and we've begun to get church efforts to reach the Spanish speakers.  there's even a new church on Washington Avenue advertising services in Spanish.

Diversity is good.  It's change and sometimes that's hard.  But it is still good even if it is hard.  Embrace Diversity.  Remember the Caries (etc.) were new to our community at one time too...

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09/04/2013 6:22AM
Just Like the Rest of the Country
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