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Just Like Many of Us

The City of Bicknell is in a real money bind just like a lot of us.  The month is about over, there are bills to pay and no money in the check book.  It's just that the Bicknell City check book is short $300,000.00.  And just like a lot of households the Bicknell City Council chose to borrow the money from another fund, get through this week's crisis, and tell the Mayor to "fix the problem" by next meeting.
The mayor for his part said he thought the problem would go away when Bicknell gets its Tax Anticipation funds.  That's kind of like having Dad tell Mom to "fix" the finances and Mom charging the bills on a credit card knowing full well it can't be paid off.  It "fixes" everything for a short time.  What happens at the next Bicknell City Council meeting will be a real test of leadership for that town.

The City Council must approve cuts and adjustments and the mayor must put them into place.

Now if we could get the Federal Government to even consider doing that, well then we would have REALLY accomplished something!

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01/29/2013 6:19AM
Just Like Many of Us
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