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It's good to be a Flame

     Hello everyone... I am Tom Lee, and I am proud to be a Flame.  It has been a madness I have carried since the 1992 NCAA tournament, when a player named Peter Aluma helped me catch the Flame fever.  It has been a tough stretch since, with only one NCAA Tournament appearance-- in 2004-- to stoke the Flames' fire.  Until now.
      Hello everyone.  I am Tom Lee, and I am a proud follower of Liberty University.  I am sure you heard of them-- the 20 loss- not 20 win, 20-LOSS-- team that is heading to the NCAA's after winning the Big South tournament.  You want Cinderella?  She is carring the Flames logo.  I do have ties to Liberty-- my sister in law attended there for a year before marrying my brother, and Liberty Founder, the late Jerry Falwell, is a fellow alum of mine from Baptist Bible College. 
       Hello everyone, I'm Tom Lee... and yes, Indiana University is still my favorite college team-- as it has been since 1975.  However, for at least one game-- a week from tonight in Dayton, Ohio most likely-- I will be cheering for the Liberty Flames.  If they win there, they may face Indiana on that same floor at U-D Arena in Dayton.  If that happens, I would have to go for the Hoosiers-- but I am not going to make problems that aren't there yet.  But for now, great job for Liberty University, and you have me in your corner, for all that's worth.  One of the goals of Reverend Falwell when he started Liberty University was to play against the best teams in Division One.  For the third time in their school's history, they may get that chance.
         Hello, I'm Tom Lee... and I am proud to be a Flame.

                                                           That's my take... I'm Tom Lee.

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03/12/2013 7:42AM
It's good to be a Flame
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