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It's good to be Indiana University...

      The Capital One Cup.  The trophy goes to the best men's and women's all around college sports champions each year.  Most years, Indiana University is not scaring the top 10 of the cup-- but this year is a different year.  Let me put it simply-- overall, 2012-13 has been one of THE best overall years for Indiana University.
       Duke leads the Capital One Cup standings with 82 points.  Not surprising... Duke is to collegiate athletics what Carmel is to Indiana high school athletics.  Indiana is second, at 76 points-- and tied with overall Big 10 power Michigan.  
        Not only is a great year for Indiana, but it is a big year for the Big 10.  Along with Indiana and Michigan, Ohio State is tenth in the Capital One Cup.  Indiana won the NCAA men's soccer title, and had deep runs in the men's basketball, and so far men's baseball, tournament.  The only major sport Indiana had problems in?  Football-- but that is another record in futility.  
         It is a long way from 2003, when the Indiana athletic department was in disarray.  The department was deep in debt, the football team had like 35 scholarship players, and the Indiana basketball team was about the only thing that kept the program afloat.  The basketball team had its own nadir, following the Kelvin Sampson debacle in 2008.  Tom Crean came in and picked up the little that was left, and eventually rebuilt the program.  
         Is it possible that the basketball team's rising waters is floating all the other Indiana boats?  The results-- second in the Capital One Cup, and a return to sports prominence-- say Indiana is back-- and quite possibly better than ever.  Now if they can do something about that football thing...

                                                        That's my take... I'm Tom Lee.

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06/03/2013 7:53AM
It's good to be Indiana University...
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