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It's Only $110,000.00

Tonight when the Vincennes City council approves $110,000.00 to pay for engineering work they say they didn't approve and in fact said to stop, council members should take one other action:  Pass an ordinance that prohibits all city employees and elected city officials from ever taking anything - anything:  tickets to Colts games, IU games, lunches, pens, unsolicited telephone calls -anything from an engineering firm.  Any engineering firm.  Any firm that is selling business to the city.  Anyone.

Then they should file a claim against any person or persons who were supposed to have stopped the needless spending for preliminary studies on the overpass project when the project was dead.

Finally, the City Council should post pictures of all members who were on the council then, all department heads who saw the engineers making measurements and blocking traffic on Sixth Street, and the former mayor who ran a great hardware store, but failed to understand how local goverment should - must work.  That fancy new web site should do for the pictures.
The comments under the pictures?  I'll leave them up to the tax payers who tonight are scheduled to pay for unless wasted spending based on petty political and personal stupidity.

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04/22/2013 4:57AM
It's Only $110,000.00
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04/24/2013 11:43AM
Maybe they should hire an Engineer who actually has an Engineering Degree! Instead of hiring their buddies.
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