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It's Not a Requirement, but Prudent

Budget discussions among most City, County, and Educational boards this summer have included what has become the "29 Hour Rule".  It's the new normal for keeping employees as part time workers.  It used to be that 48 hours a week was fulltime work, then it was 40 hours per week, now it has become thirty hours a week - at least in the Affordable Health Care Act world.

Depending on who you talk to and what you read, any employer who must or chooses to offer health insurance must offer the insurance to any employee who is a full time worker under the Act.  That number is 30 hours per week.  It is still not exactly clear if it is working one week at thirty hours or more or an average of thirty hours or more of working during a previous period - three months, a half a year, the last year - something.

The thirty hour rule has already caused millions of part time workers to lose hours as businesses large and small, governmental agencies and schools cut their schedules down to no more than 29 hours per week to get ready for the Act to kick in on January 1st.  Good if you are looking for part time work.  Bad if you were working 36 hours a week and now have lost 20% of your pay because you are scheduled 29 hours per week.

Vincennes City Departments are now wrestling with the problem suggesting schedule and on-call changes - which may hurt services to taxpayers, asking for higher hourly wages to part time employees work fewer hours, but make the same amount of money - that seems like a great deal for the workers, but not so good for the people paying taxes.

No matter what is decided there will be change.  It's more than just a Healthcare Act, it's going to be a Change Act too, and while most of us believe there should be healthcare for all, few of us like forced change and even less like government telling us how to run the details of our businesses or cities, counties, and schools.

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08/19/2013 6:26AM
It's Not a Requirement, but Prudent
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