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It's Not About the Redesign

The Vincennes Board of Works discussing another redesign of the City's website.  Like any new technology, there is a learning curve and like any new administration there is that learning curve too.  While the Yochum Administration has a strong takeoff, this whole redesign thing shouldn't be about redesigning (and probably more money spent), but about learning how to use the site and then making the time and taking the effort to get the information people want on the site in a timely and accurate fashion.  That's the real issue.  Who's going to spend the time doing all those great things a city website can do?  And if there isn't anyone at City Hall who has the skills and time or can learn the skills and take time away from their other duties, then is the money spent worth it.

This is somewhat like the pot calling the kettle black.  It sounds really easy to keep up a web site, but it is very difficult - kind of like keeping up with a blog.

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04/10/2012 4:17PM
It's Not About the Redesign
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