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It Didn't Sound Like Fun

Went to my first Health Care Center Halloween Trick or Treating last night out of a lot duty and limited desire.  The duty?  My Mother In Law is now living in a local assisted care center in Vincennes and this is the first holiday celebration at her new place.  We had to go.  Maybe her little TV will get the World Series...  This was also the destination of five of my six grand children and while I had seen four of the six costumes for the year, well, you can't get enough of grand kids (never thought I'd say that when I was younger....).

It was fun.  A hassle, but fun.  It was busy.  Extremely crowded.  But enjoyable for the kids who trooped through the halls and for the residents who sat at their doors and jhanded out the candy and the compliments.  My "kids" were dressed so cutely.  And the other kids?  They were too.  And the World Series?  It DID come in on her little TV and the grand kids were so nice to share their treats.  It became NO duty and I'm already looking forward to next year just like my Mother In Law.

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10/31/2013 6:25AM
It Didn't Sound Like Fun
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