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Isn't This a Given

An ordinance to require home owners to have their addresses displayed so emergency personell can read them was brought up last night at the Bicknell City Council meeting.  You'd think this would be a no-brainer.  But of course it isn't. While it seems that anything discussed in front of the Bicknell City Council is difficult and shrouded in personal issues, such a proposal before any community council would probably cause some alarm.  You know - "...It's my right to hide my address so emergency crews have less of a chance to save my life when I have the big one..."

That makes no sense to me to fight such an ordinance, but I'm not a big freedom at any cost guy.  I want emergency personell to be able to find my house.  What the discussion at the Bicknell City Council WILL do is remind me to better display my address.  It won't take a rule for me to make the improvement.

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09/10/2013 6:22AM
Isn't This a Given
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