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Is There a Suprise Here?

The national news reports the NSA and other so-called secret US agencies have been sifting through our cell numbers and calling patterns and in some cases even transcribing our calls (with court orders for that they say).  Is there a surprise here?  With the invention of fast computers that can scan billions of transacations in a second the technology became available, accurate, and cheap and our government has taken advantage of that.

Have you ever looked at a picture of the Chinese or other country's facilities in Washington, DC?  Look at the antennas all over the place.  Those people are certainly scanning the airwaves looking for something and have been doing that for decades.  So is our government.

Right now for me, the chance of finding possible threats to us in those numbers and calls is more important than me knowing that my government could know my wife sent me a text yesterday about something I forgot to do - as usual.  There's nothing to hide in my phone records.  Have at them.  Want my emails?  Oh.  The government already has them?  Oh.  Hope they don't take all that money that's going to be placed into my account from that widow in Nigeria.  That's MY money Uncle Sam!  Mine.

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06/07/2013 6:20AM
Is There a Suprise Here?
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