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Is There More to the Coonrod Thing?

Should be interesting to watch the ins and outs of the "suspension" of payments to Knox County Financial Consultant Curt Coonrod.  As reported yesterday, the County Council has now agreed with the County Commissioners to not pay the Indianapolis Accountant for about $274 Thousand dollars in what some call undocumented bills.

If history holds any hint of what's next, now the threats will become legal action from Coonrod.  He'll probably sue for more than he's owed - probably because we've hurt his feelings and no matter how stupid his suit and what seems to be a lack of a contract between the commissioners and the accountant, the legal costs to the county may be so high it will just make sense to settle and make sure nothing like this happens again.

But this whole deal hasn't made sense for years.  How could one person get paid thousands of dollars over and over again without documentation, when the County Council nit picks local office holders month after month for a buck here and a dollar there?  What did Coonrol know about the system that everyone else didn't?  Is there more out there?

The Commissioners and Council probably just want this thing to go away.  Coonrod wants some money and will get what he can and then go and threaten some other county that hasn't done its homework very well.  Hopefully it will be in a county far far away.

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08/15/2013 6:21AM
Is There More to the Coonrod Thing?
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