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Indiana Unemployment Rate Holds Steady at 8.4% in July

Indiana's unemployment rate remained stalled at 8.4% in July, putting it a full percentage point higher than the national jobless mark.

About 266,000 people were looking for work last month.

The state’s unemployment rate has shown little change in more than a year.

10 of Indiana's 92 counties have unemployment marks higher than 10%.

The worst rates are in Fayette and Sullivan counties at 11.3 and 11 percent respectively.

Dubois County had the state’s lowest jobless rate in July at 5.3 percent, down by over one-percent from June.

Daviess County saw its unemployment rate plummet from 7 percent in June to 6.3 percent in July.

Knox County’s July unemployment rate stood at 7 percent, six-tenths percent lower than June.

Martin County’s July jobless rate was 6.4 percent, down from 6.9 percent in June.

Greene County stood at 9.2 percent, down from 10 percent.

Pike County’s July unemployment rate was 8 percent, down 9-tenths percent from June.

In Gibson County, unemployment for July was 7.1 percent, down four-tenths percent from June.