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IFB Pleased With Passage of a New Farm Bill

The Indiana Farm Bureau is pleased with passage of the new farm bill.

Farm Bureau President Don Villwock says no bill is perfect, and that includes this one.

However, Villwock says it does provide additional risk management tools for grain, livestock and fruit and vegetable farmers while still saving taxpayers’ money – about $23 billion over 10 years.

Most of the savings come from the elimination of direct cash payments to farmers.

The bipartisan measure also slashes about eight-billion dollars from food stamp programs.  

Villwock says farmers desperately needed to know what to expect from the federal farm program before making planting decisions this spring.

He says the most important role of a farm bill is providing a basic, no-frills safety net for farmers when times are hard and that  even with its flaws, this bill will do just that.

President Obama is expected to sign the long-delayed farm bill during a visit to Michigan State University on Friday.